Hudson Highlands Hunting Retriever Association
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Join Now!

If you agree with HHHRA’s mission statement and objectives and are interested in developing a bond like no other with your dog and would like to participate in training sessions, field trials, hunt tests, etc. then we hope you will join our organization.

Hudson Highlands Hunting Retriever Association is one of the Northeast's premier retriever clubs; HHHRA was home to Richard Wolters (a founding father of NAHRA and one of the creators of the modern day Hunt Test for Retrievers).

So, if you want to belong to an organization that is dedicated to the proper education of owners, handlers and the public in the use and training of purebred hunting retrievers, then join us today! Whether you’re a novice or experienced handler, or just considering the purchase of a purebred hunting retriever, the Hudson Highlands Hunting Retriever Association, Inc. is interested in helping you and your dog.

Becoming a member is simple, just click on the 'Membership Application' link located at the top of this page, complete the form and send to us - we will gladly process your application.

Membership Procedure

As part of your membership with HHHRA, the following requirements must be met:

  • Complete and submit a membership application along with a check for the annual membership fee. Once received by the Club Secretary, your membership will be presented to the entire membership for consideration and vote at the next meeting. Once voted into HHHRA by the membership body, you will start to receive the various HHHRA club mailings including the club meeting notices. 
  • As a club member, you need to attend at least one club meeting and/or help at two club sponsored events. Club meetings are held in the months of August (club picnic) and either January or February (weather permitting). From the date a membership application is received, a member will have one year to fulfill the membership requirements. If the member fails to fulfill the requirements in the allotted time period, they will be required to submit a new application and a new check for dues if they still wish to become a member. No refund will be made for dues submitted if the membership requirements are not met in the allotted time period.

  • Questions? Need more information?

    Please feel free to contact HHHRA Membership on the Contact Us page