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NYS DEC Rules & Regulations

NYS DEC Rules and Regulations (for training sessions):

Live Flyers and Live Ammo Use:

Live ammunition is prohibited for dog TRAINING  events on State lands in Region 3 pursuant to ECL 11-0923.  Live ammunition will be allowed for DOG TRIAL events pursuant to ECL 11-0927.   A dog training event is one in which dogs are taught, instructed, exercised and prepared for a test of skill.  A dog trial event is defined as an event in which dogs compete or are tested to prove a level of skill or proficiency before a competent judge and at which titles or championship points may be awarded.

Each gunner must have a Field Trial License issued by NY State and comply with all requirements of that permit - tag the birds, have a receipt of the purchase of the birds with you and use only the species listed in the License.

Prior to shooting flyers, a map of Stewart State Forest, clearly marked showing the area(s) where the shooting will take place, the date and that LIVE AMMO WILL BE IN USE, in bold letters, must be posted at all three kiosks. The kiosks are located at Weed Road, Barron Road North and Ridge Road. This is your responsibility.

All trails must be ribboned off with Caution or Danger tape where they come within 500 feet of the area. Large signs, clearly and boldly lettered must state LIVE AMMO IN USE, must be placed on each trail that intersects the area where shooting will occur.

Speed Limit:
The speed limit is 10 MPH – Do not exceed the speed limit.
Pedestrians, bikers, horses, and all animals ALWAYS have right of way.

Please park in designated parking areas - if multiple vehicles, please park only on one side of the road.

Please do not liter on the grounds - “If you bring it in, you take it out”.


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